At Curry College you're Closer to your goals

Close-knit Classes - Closer to Your Budget - Closer to Completion

What’s your goal? Whether it’s earning your Master’s degree or finishing that Bachelor’s degree you started, Curry’s fast-track terms, caring faculty and affordable, recognized programs bring you closer to your goals.

What's your reason? What's your goal?

“Curry has helped me become a confident person and leader. My 22 peers became my family. I liked the cohort mentality. We’d go out after class and eat together. Meeting every week becomes an enjoyable part of your routine, that feels more like business than going back to school.”

–Lynne Santangelo, ’14, MBA, Biogen
"I wanted to set an example for my kids to show them how important education is."

–Michael Adamson, ’13, Criminal Justice, Psychology
MBTA Transit Police Officer