master of education at Curry College

Fixed Tuition - Cohort Learning - 1 Night a Week

Just 21 months to your own classroom.

Curry College's Graduate Programs in Education include the following licensure programs:

Why the Curry M.Ed.?

  1. With a fixed tuition rate and available financial aid, we’re as invested in your dreams as you.
  2. Benefit from Cohort Learning and complete your
    entire degree program with the same small group, forming lifelong friends and professional connections.
  3. Work and learn at the same time: Many students continue to work at least part-time as they complete their fieldwork and coursework.
  4. Learn close to work or home with convenient class times at our campuses in Milton and Plymouth.

tuition: M.Ed.

M.Ed.: The fixed tuition is $18,950 (approximately $557 per credit x 34 credits).

PSL: The fixed tuition is $12,811 (approximately $557 per credit x 23 credits).

CAGS: The fixed tuition is $20,052 (approximately $557 per credit x 36 credits).


The most rewarding career.

“There is no reward quite like seeing the faces of students excited about learning. I credit the professors and my cohort for providing me with the tools and resources to become a successful teacher.”

– Nilza Grassa, ’15, M.Ed., cubicle worker-turned third-grade teacher